Lenten Soul Training

Lent is a time of preparation.   Often we fast from something to remind us of our dependence on God.  This year Pastor Steve would like to encourage each of us to ADD something to our routine—special time with God each day.  He has three suggestions of ways to do this:

1)      Visit https://pray-as-you-go.org/ (or download the Pray As You Go app for your phone).  Just listen and pray along for 10 minutes.  This is a really a great way to connect with God through scripture.

Pray as You Go also offer a special weekly Lenten retreat.   You can access that through the app or here: https://pray-as-you-go.org/article/lent-retreat-2019 These offer a weekly “retreat” you can take anywhere and last about 15-20 minutes each. The focus of this retreat is learning about the prayer practices of St. Ignatius, which influence millions of Christians around the world today.

 2)      Pray for our city using the “Seek God 2019” app for your phone.  It costs 99 cents but is worth it, get prayers for each day of Lent.  This is a wonderful way to connect with God and our neighbors.

3)      Pick up a Lenten devotional from the Lobby.  These beautiful devotionals from Presbyterians Today help us pray using art and beauty.  Suggested donation $3.   

Try one of these prayer practices as we journey towards Jerusalem with Jesus.