June 18, 2017

Dear FPC—

              Sunday’s worship was inspiring for me.  I loved the way the kids led us and taught us hand motions for “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”!  I hope as you go through this week you can remember to check in with God—ask.  Seek.  Knock!  Don’t be shy!  And may each of us be inspired to live generously towards others as we experience more and more of God’s generous love for us! 

              This week has several important but not widely known events.  Tuesday, June 19th is “Juneteenth” –the celebration of the end of slavery and the emancipation of slaves in the United States.  It is a great time both to celebrate the ending of the horror of racial slavery in the US and to also remember the continuing pain and division from racism in our country today.  Do unto others obviously includes people of all colors and races!   I encourage you to ask, seek and knock to the Lord about how we can make progress today on eliminating racism. 

              Then Wednesday is World Refugee Day.  Refugees are people fleeing from war, violence and persecution.  Those that are admitted into our country are thoroughly vetted.  This year 20,000 refugees are expected to arrive in the US, most are families with young children, seeking safety and security.  That was certainly true of the Iraqi refugee family that we hosted two years ago.  If you’d like more information about refugees go here.  I hope that we can be praying for these people in desperate situations, as well as for those tasked with the really challenging jobs of making decisions about who and how many to let in.  If you are so moved, here is a prayer retreat in honor of Refugee Week that the British Jesuits made available (the same people who do the lovely daily “Pray-As-You-Go” prayers). 

              This Sunday we conclude our walk through the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus sends us out with a rousing call to “Just Do It!”  I hope you can join us! 


May you feel God’s blessing this week! 

Pastor Steve

June 11, 2018

Dear FPC—

Father’s Day is almost here!  The Deacons are making special treats for the dads for the fellowship time this week, so don’t miss out!  Also, we’ll be looking at the climax of the Sermon on the Mount—including the Golden Rule! Don’t miss this special Sunday! 

              I really want to encourage you to consider attending the Global Leadership Summit.  It is Thursday and Friday, August 9 and 10.  Everyone has influence and each of us can steward that influence to have the greatest impact.  Check out this video about our influence.  For me, the GLS has been inspiring, encouraging, and motivating.  One of the speakers at this year’s Summit is John Maxwell, a world famous author, coach, and leader. Here is a sample of his thinking about the 5 Levels of Leadership.  To get the best price (just $109) register by June 26—just go here, and be sure to enter our code PARTNERCH in the priority/referral box. 

              This week our Wacky Wednesday mid-week program at Trinity had over THIRTY children involved!  Praise God!  This is just one example of how you and FPC through you are making a difference right here in Ogden for Jesus.  Thank you! 

              Blessings to you!

              Pastor Steve

June 4, 2018

Dear FPC—

              Many of you know that I often listen to podcasts during my “car time.”  One that I have found really interesting is “Unbelieveable?”  It is a British radio show that features conversations moderated by the host.  Often the conversations are between a Christian and an atheist, and the subjects are very interesting.  In contrast to much of modern life, these interactions are polite, respectful and engaging.  Unbelieveable is launching a new series of “The Big Conversation.”  These feature particularly well known people talking about the big issues of life. Participants include Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett, Peter Singer and John Lennox.  The series kicks off this week with a discussion between Jordan Peterson and Susan Blackmore on “Do we need God to make sense of life?”  I encourage you (and other people who might be interested) to check them out.  You can subscribe to the Unbelieveable Podcast, visit their Facebook page here or go to the Big Conversation webpage here.  If you (or those you love) are wrestling with big questions, come talk to me and check out these conversations.  They are designed to help us hear the best of conflicting sides and do not wrap everything up with a neat bow, but respect the listener enough to come to their own conclusions. 

              Sunday was a wonderful time of worship—the Gideons’ visit, the choir’s anthem, communion, and a reminder not to worry but to trust God.  Then in the afternoon many of us celebrated Catherine Tobey’s ordination at Trinity.  How wonderful!  This Sunday we will be looking at Jesus’ advice about judging others.  Then we’ll have our congregational meeting after worship.  I hope you can join us! 

              Looking ahead—next Wednesday (June 13) plan on attending our Legacy Giving event at 6 pm (dinner provided).  Family Camp at Camp Utaba is the last weekend of June.  And don’t forget to sign up for the Global Leadership Summit (August 9-10).  For best rates register by June 26.  Get more information here

I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful summer weather!

Blessings to you this week as you seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness!

Pastor Steve

May 28, 2018

Dear FPC—

              I hope you had a good holiday weekend and were able to remember the sacrifices of so many for our freedom.  Alice and I got to go to a friend’s wedding in Boulder CO and see our girls, as well as celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!  Thank you for the chance to have that time away! 

              I have heard that it was a wonderful time of worship as one body together on Sunday—I hope you will come back this week! 

              Adam talked about the dangers of serving money and “stuff” rather than God.  This Sunday we get the good news—that we can trust God to care for us, as well as a chance to focus on the “main thing”—putting God’s reign first and trusting him. 

              As we move into summer I want to call out three things coming up quickly for you to remember: 

  • Our Legacy Giving workshop (and dinner!) on Wednesday, June 13 at 6 pm.  Please let the office know if you are planning on coming so we can arrange for enough dinner.
  • Family Camp at Camp Utaba—June 29 and 30.  Don’t miss this fun, all generations event, led by Adam and Catherine Tobey.  This is for our entire church family, not only families with children at home.  It should be a blast!
  • Finally, please consider registering for the Global Leadership Summit.  You can find more information here.  For the code to get our partner price, look in the bulletin this Sunday! 


Remember—don’t worry about tomorrow, trust in God, and seek his rule in your life.  If we can manage that, everything else will flow fine! 


Blessings to you!
Pastor Steve