June 17, 2019

Dear FPC—

              Right now we are focused on what we DO as a church, which I’m saying can be characterized by 3 directions:  UP, IN, and OUT.  On Sunday we talked about the importance of worship—a key way we connect “up” to God.  Worship is recognizing God’s amazing worth—it is the natural reaction to noticing God for how he really is, the creator of everything, our loving savior, our father in heaven, the Spirit moving in us.  How can we not fall to our knees in worship?  I would love to hear from you about the things in our worship services (or in your everyday life) that help you connect with God.  I’d also love to hear about those things that get in the way for you or that you wish we included.  Our times of worship are for all of us, together, to encounter the living God and experience those springs of living water flowing within us, even in the heat of the summer! 

              This Sunday we’ll turn to the IN direction—loving one another as we grow in our faith together.  We live amidst an epidemic of loneliness and depression.  People are isolated.  The church is God’s answer—it is our extended spiritual family where we can celebrate, weep, laugh, encourage, rest and be held accountable.  We were made to live in community, and our church family and the small groups that make it up are a key part of that.  I hope you can join us! 


Peace to you this week,

Pastor Steve

June 10, 2019

Dear FPC—

              Happy Pentecost!  What a wonderful time of worship on Sunday—celebrating God’s gift of his Spirit to us and baptism too!  As you enjoy this lovely weather—listen for the Spirit’s nudge today.  Then Trust the Spirit!  Let’s practice letting God shape us. 

              Don’t forget our Family Promise Day on Saturday at 10:30.  Come by for an hour or so and we can get the CE building all ready for our guests—then enjoy some pizza for lunch!  Also, if you want to come next week and share some food or visit with our guests, it is not too late to sign up!

Carole Smith’s memorial service is on Saturday at  11 am, at the Lindquist’s in Roy.  The viewing begins at 9:30. 

              Looking ahead—Camp Utaba is happening the weekend of June 28-30. 

              This Sunday come celebrate Father’s Day with us as we worship our Father in Heaven, and enjoy some pie afterwards! 


Blessings to you,

Pastor Steve

June 3, 2019


Dear FPC—

              Summer has (finally) arrived!  What a glorious day!  I hope you were with us in worship Sunday and got to experience the “miracle of the juice cups!”  How great that God arranged the cups to exactly match all of us! 

              I also hope that you are experiencing God’s presence with you this week.  Remember Jesus is with you right now-- Jesus, who confronts evil, frees slaves (even us!), and transforms us and our world in the process. 

              Maybe you are also feeling the nudge of God’s Spirit within you  as you pray for 5 friends this week.  I am finding this practice incredibly freeing and joy-filled.  I’d love to hear about your experiences. 

              On Sunday we will be celebrating the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.  So wear RED!  The Holy Spirit often sounds weird and foreign to us, but it is just God in us.  That’s all—almighty God, in you and moving through you.  That is a pretty amazing thing to contemplate.  Maybe pray to God about his Spirit and welcome him into your life. 

              Finally—welcome home Adam!!  Summer programming starts on Tuesday, June 4—don’t miss out on any Tomfoolery, Wackiness, or the Fellowship! 


Enjoy the Son-shine!

 Pastor Steve

May 27, 2019

Dear FPC—

              Two big things to remember this week:

1)      10:30 Worship!  Our summer schedule starts this Sunday, June 2—worship with everyone at 10:30 in the Sanctuary.  This week we will be honoring our graduates and awarding scholarships as well sharing the Lord’s Supper.  After worship we will have our congregational meeting to elect our new class of elders, deacons, trustees and nominating committee members. 

2)      Praying for our friends!  The “official” kick off for #thykingdomcome and #pledge2pray is Thursday, Ascension Day, but you can start sooner—just pray that 5 of your friends will experience Jesus in a new and deeper way.  Pray that God’s kingdom will come—in our lives, in their lives, in our town, everywhere!  If you’d like the daily prayer handout we gave out on Sunday, just call the office or drop by.  Also, there is a app for your phone available in your app store.  Just search for “Thy Kingdom Come” It is a wonderful, free resource with lots of useable materials for each day. 

Finally—many of you remember Nicky Gumbel, the creator of the Alpha Course.  Here is a short video of him talking about praying for Thy Kingdom Come.  Enjoy! 

 Remember, as you go through this week you are not alone—God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with you!  So be brave! 



Pastor Steve

May 20, 2019

Dear FPC—

              What a joy it was to be led in worship by our young people on Sunday!  They are not the future of the church—they ARE the church, right now!  The Festival of Prayer on Saturday was also a remarkable time of encounter with God.  It was great that so many of you participated!  If you missed out, don’t worry-- stay tuned next week for the start of our “Thy Kingdom Come” emphasis. 

              We often talk about how Jesus calls us to turn out towards our neighbors and love right where we are—where we live, work, play and learn.  The church Alice and I belonged to in Bellevue recently released a video that lays out their roadmap as a congregation. @belpres   It is called Love Where You Are.  This 3 minute video summarizes and combines many of the ideas that speak directly to our situation in Ogden.  I hope you will check it out and let me know your thoughts---I’m excited to see how we can be an increasingly active part of Jesus’ movement right here in Ogden. 

              If that sounds a little uncomfortable, come worship with us on Sunday and see how God called Paul in an unexpected direction which changed the course of God’s church for good!   You never know how God is going to use us and our faithfulness. 

              Here is a prayer you can pray for yourself and for those around you—May you be filled with faith.  May you be surrendered to hope.  May you be aligned with love.  Go in peace! 


Following Jesus with you,

Pastor Steve