May 13, 2019

Dear FPC—

              I am so proud of your generous response to God’s people in need!  You raised nearly $2500 for the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering.  Also, you raised over $3000 for the World Vision 6K Walk for Water!  Worldwide, over FIFTY THOUSAND people walked and changed lives.  Reaching out with God’s love is what we were made for—great work!

The weather is supposed to turn rainy this weekend, so come spend it with us!  On Saturday morning we are having a Festival of Prayer. We’ll have 10 stations of different kinds of prayer as a kick off to our “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer emphasis.  We’ll start with a light breakfast at 8:30, then after a short orientation we’ll dive into all the different stations, and wrap up with a short prayer service together at 11.  Connecting with God is a remarkable honor and one we often ignore or take for granted.  Come experiment with some new ways to pray!

On Sunday morning our children and youth are leading us in worship at 11.  Then we’ll have a potluck afterwards to celebrate the end of the school year.  Our Inquirers’ Class runs from 1-3 pm in the Eubanks Suite.  If you are curious about possible next steps in faith at First Pres, this is for you! 

Blessings to you this Eastertide!

Pastor Steve

May 6, 2019

Dear FPC—

              May got off to a great start with our Walk for Water on Saturday!  We are still getting final numbers, but thanks to you many people will be getting access to clean water in their village now.  Worldwide over 50,000 people are getting water thanks to the 6k!  THANK YOU!  Thanks to all who walked, contributed support and prayed for this project.  Thanks also to everyone helped to make it happen—the Scouts, Bob Hamilton, our grill master Dave Friz, Debbie Davis and the Fellowship team for organizing food and all the people who brought dishes to share, Jeanette Nosker, Margaret Rostkowski, and so many more.  And especially our Mission team and the event co-chairs—Alice Aeschbacher and Sheryl Brown.  What a wonderful way for our congregation to pull together, help others, have fun and glorify the Lord! 

              Yes, I was walking too—at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  I didn’t have a set course, but my watch tells me I walked over 8.6 miles on Saturday.  I was not, as some have claimed, walking from watering hole to watering hole!  I was walking from stage to stage and stopping at the watering holes on the way!

              This Sunday we will be focusing on the new life Jesus offers us now—come join us!  We’ll also be remembering mothers.

              Looking ahead, don’t forget our Prayer Festival coming up on Saturday May 18 and our Inquirers Class on Sunday May 19, as well as our special worship on the 19th led by our children and youth, followed by a potluck! 

              Blessings to you this week, rain or shine!


              Pastor Steve

April 22, 2019

Dear FPC—

              Happy Easter!  What a wonderful celebration so many of us got to share on Sunday!  I hope you are feeling the hope, joy and new life of Easter time! 

              During the next weeks leading up to Pentecost we will be focusing on how Jesus’ followers responded to Easter—the amazing movement of God’s Spirit that launched the Church.  Come join us! 

              Looking ahead—don’t forget the Troop 4 Centennial celebration this Saturday evening, 6 pm at Union Station.  Then the Walk for Water is the following Saturday, May 4.  You can change a life with a morning walk!  Register or sign up to contribute here

              Finally—the weekend of May 18 and 19 will be a special time for our congregation.  On Saturday May 18 we will have a festival of prayer from 8:30 am to 11:30.  This will be a fun, experiential time of engaging with God in a variety of ways.  On May 19 we will be celebrating our children and youth in worship, followed by a potluck lunch after the 11 am worship.  Then we’ll have an inquirer’s class that afternoon from 1-3 pm for anyone interested in learning more about our congregation, our mission, and our vision for impacting Ogden for Jesus.  Come join us! 

               Blessings to you this Spring---

              He is Risen!


              Pastor Steve


April 15, 2019

Dear FPC—

              Holy week is here.  This week is a roller coaster of emotions—from the triumphant entry on Palm Sunday, to the conflict in the temple, to the somber last supper, to the arrest, trial and crucifixion, to the quiet of Saturday, and finally to the great victory of Easter.  I hope you will be able to reflect on all that Jesus and his first followers were experiencing through this week.   Join us for any of our special services this week—Wednesday at 12:30, Thursday evening (supper at 6, worship at 7), Friday at 4 at Ogden Christian, and Saturday at 8:13 pm at Trinity Pres. 

But don’t miss our Easter celebration on Sunday—both the 9:30 and 11 services will be in the sanctuary, with an egg hunt at 10:30. Bring your friends and celebrate our Risen Lord! 

              We are experiencing the roller coaster in our own lives too—the tragic fire at Notre Dame, people with sudden health problems, people grieving losses, people in conflict, but also people experiencing new joy, new hope, and new growth.   God is moving at First Pres, in and through YOU!  You all are a huge encouragement and inspiration to me—I thank God for you!  Let’s celebrate together on Sunday!

              Looking ahead—don’t forget to sign up for the Troop 4 Centennial Dinner on April 27.  On May 18 we will have a Festival of Prayer mini-retreat—save the date!  Then on Sunday May 19 we will celebrate our kids in worship, followed by a potluck.  Then that afternoon we will have a new members class from 1 to 3 pm.  It will be a great time to explore what we believe, how we live out our faith together, and why membership is fundamentally a Christian idea. 

              Blessings to you this Holy Week—

              Pastor Steve