November 26, 2018

Dear FPC—

              Advent is nearly upon us!  I am grateful for this little breather between Thanksgiving and Advent this year.  I hope you can feel a bit of reduced pressure.  Remembering who our true King is can help.  Stop and walk with your King this week. 

              Advent is a season of waiting.  A time of developing patience.  Little kids (and some bigger kids) struggle with this as they know that presents are waiting for them, why shouldn’t they get them now?  All of us would prefer what we want right now as opposed to later.  But sometimes we need to practice patience and wait.  As we wait for Jesus to come this Advent, I invite you to take some intentional steps closer to Jesus.  Stop for a few minutes each day and focus on your coming King.  There are lots of ways to do this, but here are a few for you to consider: 

  • A traditional Advent Devotional.  Scripture, reflection and prayer each day.  A devotional prepared by Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is attached to the email version of this mail, and you can also access it here.    

  • Developing New Habits—the Common Rule Advent Edition.  I really like the Common Rule folk ( ), and this is their offering of 4 daily habits and 4 seasonal habits to try this Advent.  I’m going to try this!  I’ve attached a copy of this to the email version, or you can access it here.

  • A longer daily Advent devotional focusing on the gospel of Luke by N.T. Wright.  This costs 11 dollars and is available in the church office. 

  • Advent Prayer Retreat!   This is a wonderful audio resource from our friends at Pray As You Go.  I love their daily prayer and scripture reflections, this is their special Advent retreat with 4 weekly parts, called Dwelling with God, focusing on the opening verses of the Gospel of John.  You can access the introduction now and new sessions will be added each week during advent. 

 Don’t be overwhelmed this Christmas—stop and rest with God as we wait for Jesus to arrive.  I hope you will check out one of these resources and live with it during Advent. 

 Come and worship with us as we start our time of Waiting for Jesus this Sunday! 

 May you feel God’s blessing in the waiting!
Pastor Steve

p.s. You can also access these Advent resources here.