July 30, 2018

Dear FPC,

              The Rummage Sale is this weekend!  What fun it is to have so many of you around the church campus, sorting, organizing, preparing!  Thanks to Sharon and everyone who is preparing food for lunch for the workers (and for letting me join in!).  What a great example this project is of the family of God that we are—everyone pitching in and helping as they can. 

              This Sunday we will be looking at the importance of worship.  As humans we are made to worship—it is something we do regardless of whether we believe in God.  In fact, we become like what we worship, what we focus our attention on.  One of the great discoveries of my adulthood is that idolatry is alive and well—in our culture and in my life too.  Come join us as we worship Who we were made to worship-- our creator, savior and sustainer!


Blessings to you in this warm Summertime!

Pastor Steve