January 28, 2019

Dear FPC—

              What a wonderful Scout Sunday we had yesterday!  It is great to worship with our Troop 4 members and families.  I am really looking forward to the 100th Anniversary Celebration later this year! 

              Many of you appreciated our study of God’s love in the sermon.  This is such a fundamental truth about our faith that we can’t return to it often enough.  All of us need to be reminded about the recklessly extravagant love of our Father.  I hope you will take 10 minutes or so with our soul training exercise this week.   Really chewing on Paul’s description of Love (and God!) in 1 Cor 13:4-8 is powerful and revealing.  This practice of lectio divina – letting Scripture read me, rather than me trying to conquer it—has been very important to me in recent years.  I hope you’ll try it. 

              Rereading our little poem on Love is worthwhile too.  God just calls us to relationship, to sit down and be fed.  To join the party!  Let’s do that this week.

              On Sunday we will be collecting $5-10 gift cards from McDonalds or Walmart for the kids at YouthFutures as our SouperBowl event, as well as continuing our Federal Employee Food drive.  At 12:15 please plan to join us in the Sanctuary for our Congregational meeting, where we’ll share the 2018 Annual Report—our 140th Annual Report!  Happy Birthday FPC! 

              As you go through this week, remember that Jesus is with you, smiling at you, welcoming you home.  Rest in that.  It is what you were made for.  (see this week’s catechism question: http://newcitycatechism.com/new-city-catechism/#4 )

 Grateful for you,

Pastor Steve