March 12, 2019

Dear FPC—

              On Sunday we learned about living in God’s presence.  Just like getting ready for a house guest, we saw that it takes some preparation of our hearts.  Next week we’ll be looking at one of the most overlooked books of the entire Bible—Leviticus.  Its focus is on holiness.  That is a churchy word that we struggle with, but it basically means “set apart for a special purpose.”  God calls us to be holy—what would it look like for you to be set apart for a special purpose?  What special purpose do you think God might be calling you towards right now?  It could be something related to church, but it could also be some role in your neighborhood or at your work.  It is amazing that God chooses to use us in his rescue mission!  Spending some time in prayer and listening for what specific roles God is calling you to is a great way to prepare for Easter.

              Our FamilyPromise guests are here this week.  Alice and I had a wonderful time last night as evening hosts.  These three families (13 people all together!) could not be nicer folks.  It is humbling to see how hard they are working under such challenging circumstances, and encouraging to see the care and encouragement they give each other.  I am grateful for all of the gifts of time, hard work, food, prayers and more that you all give to support this ministry.  It is wonderful. 

As we look ahead, start planning for the World Vision Global 6K Walk for Water, which will be held on Saturday, May 4th.  We will be hosting it again.  Each person’s registration fee pays for one person to get a life time of clean water.  The average distance people (mostly women and children) walk each day to get water is 6 kilometers (about 3.75 miles)!  So—we walk one day so someone else doesn’t have to make that walk (while carrying water!!) EVERY day.  This is a great event to invite friends to.  A beautiful walk on a spring day for a great cause, with a party at the end!  What could be better? 

Blessings to you as you journey towards Easter!

Pastor Steve