Resources for your Chair Time in 2019—Coffee with God---15 minutes a day  (all are free!)

The creator of the universe has time for you.  Will you take your “meeting with God?”  Make time to be with God each day and listen to him.  We tend to make time for what we value, so let’s value God.  Take 15 minutes in a place that works for you—maybe a comfortable chair with a nice view, maybe in your car before you go into work, maybe at your desk.  Just pray that God will speak to you and then listen as you read—slowly, without hurry. 

The best option for this is to just read your Bible.  Pray for God to be with you as you read and for him to open your eyes to what he wants to communicate to you.  Don’t worry about how far you get—when something catches your attention, stop.  Ponder it.  Pray over it.  Ask God about how the passage applies in your life today, and ask him to help you see how he is at work today.  Don’t feel rushed—the idea is to connect with God, not to read a specified amount.  One of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) is a good place to start reading.  If you have a particular topic, issue or concern you want to read about, ask me for suggestions. 

If you do not have a Bible, I am happy to give you one.  Also, you can easily get a free Bible on your phone or access them on the web.  The Bible App  (“YouVersion”) is the most popular Bible app—with many, many versions and audio versions of many translations.  Also there are many reading plans available in the app, or just read on your own—see above. You can also access them at . and are also very good. 

If you feel that you need a more structured approach, here are several great options:

·         Daily Audio Bible—reads through the whole Bible aloud using the One Year Bible reading plan.  There is a portion from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and Proverbs each day.  Access it at or in the Daily Audio Bible App.  You can also use the same reading plan with any of the “One Year Bible” Bibles, or the One Year Bible plan with the Bible App.  I’ve gone through the Bible each of the last three years with DAB. 


·         If you want more background or context, check out The Bible Project  -- It has interesting, creative videos that give overviews of the whole Bible, individual Bible books, and Bible themes and words.  Really well done!  

                Read Scripture App  - is a one year Bible reading plan with videos from the Bible Project to help orient where you are in the story.  – the daily reading is usually 3 chapters of a book and a psalm. 

·         Daily Prayer with Scripture—Get email devotions morning and evening, five days a week (you can catch up on the weekend!).  It has prayers, a chapter from the Bible and a Psalm each time.  There is also an abridged version that gives you a psalm each morning and evening.  Offered by Redeemer Presbyterian.  Get more information and sign up here:


What Bible should I read?  There are many excellent translations available.  The best one is the one you will actually read.  Some that I like include (in rough order of ease of reading, from hardest to easiest):  NRSV, ESV, NIV, GNT, CEB, NLT and the Message.  Feel free to come to me with any questions. 

What about a Study Bible?  I think having study helps is invaluable in understanding some of the background and context of the Scripture. BUT-- I also think that God will communicate with you through just the Bible text.  Don’t mix up God’s inspired Word with someone’s commentary!  The focus of Chair time is prayer and God’s word, not academic study.  You can find lots of free but reliable study aids at and