Kids/Youth Programs

We offer a variety of programs for the young people in our congregation.  Check out the list of programs below, and see which one is right for you and your young ones!

Sunday School

Youth Sunday school and nursery services are offered during both of our services.  Sunday School classes meet in the Christian Education Bldg as follows:

  • Classroom #6 - Nursery

  • Classroom #7 - Ages 1-4

  • Classroom #2 - Elementary

  • Classroom #1 - Jr High

  • Senior High students meet in the Main Bldg.

The Fellowship

For our junior high and high school students. we meet as The Fellowship from 5:00 - 7:00 PM every Thursday in the youth building.  This building is the one in the northeast parking lot over the garage.  Each week, we eat, make a meal & share it together, play board games, paint the walls, and watch, laugh, and make fun, as Adam terribly illustrates a bible story on the dry-erase board (unless we are lucky enough to have a student volunteer to help us out!). Join us as we talk about hard things, talk about easy things, talk about things that matter, talk about things that don’t really matter but are fun, and plain ol' just enjoy spending time with one another. It’s always a blast!!

Homework & Hangout - Wednesdays 4-6pm First Presbyterian Church (880 28th St, Ogden 84403)—ALL AGES, in the big building with the basketball gym (CE Bldg): Young people of all ages are welcome to join us on Wednesday afternoons after school for homework help, an afternoon snack, games, bible play, creative activities,prayer together, mindfulness practices songs, and of course, a delicious meal! You may wonder how we get all this done in 2 hours. Well you are all welcome to come and find out! We are always looking for volunteers who want to engage in the lives of our young people in meaningful, mentoring ways. Please reach out if you’d like to join us on Wednesday afternoons. ALL (and that means all!) are welcome, no matter what.

For more information, please contact Adam Tobey at or 385-244-9300.

Special Monthly Events

We also offer monthly outings for youth.  Some of these events are for all ages, and some are specifically for junior and senior high students, so be sure to check which event is for which group!

Check out the information below for what we're doing and where we are going this month!

Upcoming Events

All Ages Event: Black Island Farms Fall Festival, Monday, October 21, 4pm-7pm- Students of all ages are welcome to join us as we head down to enjoy the spirit of fall at Black Island Farms. We will meet up at FPC of Ogden on Monday, October 21 at 4pm and caravan down to the farm. We will say until about 6:30pm before we head back to the church for kiddos to get picked up. We will need a handful of chaperones for this event, so please let Adam know if you are willing to help out and transport some of our young people. We will be sure to have snacks for our students as well for our ride there and back. Students should plan to bring money for the activities and any food they would like to buy, though we will likely just enjoy the corn maze and courtyard ($11). See the full pricing list at

Jr. & St. High Event: Haunted Hollow, October 21, 7pm - 9pm After we drop off some of our younger students, our jr. and sr. high students will head out to Ogden’s very own Haunted Hollow! We’ll head over to get scared silly with each other and then spend some time around the bonfire. We’ll have students back to the church by 9pm. Tickets are $21. If students want to grab food or drink afterwards, they will need to bring extra money.

All Ages Service Project: During our all ages Homework and Hangout programming on Wednesdays, we will be making fall-themed wreaths. We will not only make some for our students to take home, but will make some to hand out to our neighbors around our church. We are looking forward to helping make our community block look super festive!

For more information on any of the youth events coming up in September, or if cost is an issue for any event, please feel free to reach out to Adam Tobey via email ( or phone (385-244-9300).



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